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Keys on Kites Tattoo and Gallery won 2015 Best of New Haven Awards for Art Gallery. Creating an open circuit for all types of artists to come together, our gallery has embraced the diversity of today’s mediums. Whether it be fully functional custom clocks or a cluster of hand crafted stained glass light boxes, Keys on Kites keeps a steady flow for some interesting subject matter. Keep an eye out for upcoming events!

Current Show


REO, “Another Man’s Trash”

Found Object Artwork
by artist REO
Keys On Kites Tattoo and Gallery is proud to present “Another Man’s Trash” an art show featuring local artist REO. REO’s art has a rather broad range, starting with high quality aerosol murals like New Haven’s Under 91 Project, to mixed media pieces and various fine art. Most recently REO has been focusing on his “found object” art sculptures. His favorite places to paint are New England’s abandon factories. This is where he began his attraction to old machines, decaying structures, and abandoned relics scattered throughout the buildings. Seeing how these items were left to rot gave REO the idea to take them from these desolate places and bring them back to life in some way. Tinkering with objects and creating amazing sculptures embodies just how another man’s trash can truly be another man’s treasure.